There is a beautiful way to start your day at The Suvistara with relaxing stretches and yoga, meditating on the lap of nature while cool breeze rejuvenates you. Immerse yourself in deep meditative sun rise and feel its warmth…
Walk to the natural pond through a raw path both sides full of Mango, Jackfruit, Avocado, Guava, Orange and other fruit bearing trees with a minty fragrance of eucalyptus tucked among other trees and shrubs sprawling over acres of lush greenery and seamlessly blending into the environment. You can also indulge in trekking , walking adventure trails, wildlife sightings, feeding fish, dipping in a natural stream, walking along the fluorescent paddy fields, cooking your favorite dish, enjoy breath taking views from your own balcony or camping out on a grassy hill.
It all adds up to an absolutely unforgettable and uniquely charming vacation. It’s perfect for couples or families, for a week or just on your holidays which adds on to your sightseeing activities…. It’s a perfect blend of activities and beauty, a place to relax and enjoy the sheer serenity and beauty of the world around.
Whether you prefer the privacy of your very own cottage or you’d like to enjoy the outdoors refreshing yourself on a bushy hill or splashing at a neighborhood natural stream, the choice is yours.

Feel the contentment

When was the last time you woke up and open your eyes to rising sun among mountains and trees, felt its warm rays on your bed, chased a wild colorful butterfly, offered a squirrel a peak of grain, waved yourself listening to birds chirping and posing with peacocks, took an afternoon nap in the shade of a fragrant flowering tree, sipped a coffee lavishly watching monsoon dripped coffee plants all around you, felt the kiss of mists clinging to mountains, held hands each other and walked through long path through thick green plantations, shelter yourself under a warm umbrella while rain surrounding you and manage your umbrella while windy rain sprays …goes on.. infinite possibility awaits you at The Suvistara

Arrange your

Yoga and meditation for your inner abundance

Yoga session for your body, mind and soul. Chance to learn Yoga, a unique gift from India to the world-which means union of body, breath and mind, from trained faculties. Re-sort your soul in deep meditation by breathing fresh air and feeling the soothing climate. Realize the abundance in yourself through guided meditations and yoga.


Taste and cook in abundance

The Suvistara has a traditional food-court in the lap of nature- where you can enjoy tasty food and beauty of nature. Food court plates you mouth watering variety of food; you can choose a diet menu, healthy menu, satvic menu or a rich n spicy exotic menu. You can go in the kitchen anytime you like and ask us for a hot tea, coffee or for an organic health drink and enjoy it,. Send your likes and dislikes about your food, we arrange delicious meals after discussing with you. You cannot really host your friends and family unless you feel at home. Also a chance to host your family and surprise your friends with Barbeque cooking with your favorite ingredients!



Walk through the vast paddy fields where the authentic aromatic rice is grown. Walk in the cool breeze along the fluorescent green fields is sure a romantic experience. Kids too love to run and play along the field.



Experience the absolute freedom that only your friendly host can give, imagine the luxury of having breakfast in your pajamas, ask for a natural flower decoration for your next romantic night just to surprise your partner or of not worrying if your kids are running around shouting (as long as they don’t disturb you).



The Suvistara offers the opportunity to really enjoy the company of your family or friends to the fullest. Enjoying your meal at our food court together, enjoying the lovely lush greenery all around, playing cards, make a drawing competition among family members or just having some good laughs, these will be the moments of your vacation that you will cherish the most.



The Suvistara is designed so as to maximize the experience of the place and tradition we are located in. We provides an environment which brings abundance to your heart and soul. Live fullest at The Suvistara. With our hospitality and dedication, we care all your needs, your stay will be as enjoyable as you are hoping for.



Our cottages are in a secluded area, in the middle of rich plantation, far from the crowds and noises of vehicles; it is up to you whether or when you want to see and be seen.



Be yourself at your own balcony watching the stars or just observing the fireflies moving around the trees or explore the surroundings. Abundance is all yours….



Outdoor games like Badminton, Cricket, Football etc. Indoor games like Carroms, Chess, Snake and ladder,Cards and other nostalgic games with your family.



Wildlife Sightseeing


  • Nature walks for couples, families, kiddies which God has designed to unfold both the exquisite natural and wild beauty of the place.
  • Watching and enjoying the beautiful sunrise and mesmerizing sunset
  • Farm and garden tours- You’ll be able to participate in farm activities ranging from plucking coffee, vegetables, watering the garden, tapping rubber, etc.
  • Plan a picnic eve with snacks to a nearby bushy hill or a short nap under the vast sky viewing a breathtaking exquisite sunset…
  • Off to explore the nearby countryside on bicycle.
  • Feeding fish
  • Paint a picture, birds watch or any of your favorite hobbies as you wish
  • Camp on your tent and be crazy.
  • Refresh yourself at a neighborhood natural stream

Other Activities

  • Personalized Yoga and meditation Retreats with special food package on request
  • Walking through lustrous paddy fields
  • Outdoor games like Badminton, Cricket, Football etc.
  • Indoor games like Carroms, Chess, Snake and ladder,Cards and other nostalgic games with your family.
  • Campfire ( as per climatic conditions )
  • Barbeque (as per climatic conditions )
  • Wildlife sightings
  • Camping out on a treehouse in the forest.
  • Trekking