The Suvistara

The Suvistara – meaning abundance in Sanskrit which brings you abundance on your vacation and to your life. The Suvistara is situated in Meenangadi at Wayanad –the picturesque plateau which is known for its beauty and one of the exquisite hill stations of Kerala; with deep forests and valleys at an altitude ranging from 700 to 2100 meters above sea level.

This heavenly natural space is so romantic and rejuvenating for your soul. Open your windows to this abundance, to the vast sky, breathe the enriched air, just float around the cool breeze, and be refreshed.


Work Desk

Free Wi-Fi

Yoga & Meditation

Taste and cook

Spacious Rooms

Free Parking


Our cottages are in a secluded area, in the middle of rich plantation, far from the crowds and noises of vehicles; it is up to you whether or when you want to see and be seen. Be yourself at your own balcony watching the stars or just observing the fireflies moving around the trees or explore the surroundings. Abundance is all yours….



Experience the absolute freedom that only your friendly host can give, imagine the luxury of having breakfast in your pajamas, ask for natural flower decoration for your next romantic night just to surprise your partner or of not worrying if your kids are running around shouting (as long as they don’t disturb you).



The Suvistara offers the opportunity to really enjoy the company of your family or friends to the fullest. Enjoying your meal at our food court together, enjoying the lovely lush greenery all around, playing cards, make a drawing competition among family members or just having some good laughs, these will be the moments of your vacation that you will cherish the most.


There is a beautiful way to start your day at The Suvistara with relaxing stretches and yoga, meditating on the lap of nature while the cool breeze rejuvenates you. Immerse yourself in deep meditative sunrise and feel its warmth…
Walk to the natural pond through a raw path on both sides full of Mango, Jackfruit, Avocado, Guava, Orange, and other fruit-bearing trees with a minty fragrance of eucalyptus tucked among other trees and shrubs sprawling over acres of lush greenery and seamlessly blending into the environment. You can also indulge in trekking, walking adventure trails, wildlife sightings, feeding fish, dipping in a natural stream, walking along with the fluorescent paddy fields, cooking your favorite dish, enjoying breathtaking views from your own balcony, or camping out on a grassy hill.